Limbo Comedy

After a year and half of sell out shows, Limbo Comedy has become one of the most popular alternative comedy nights in Melbourne, and is about to blast onto the …

Fiona O’Loughlin

Fiona O'Loughlin is UNAFRAID. There's no woman better at her game than Ms O.

Mind How Y’Go

Dad's finished work. He's tired. His neck's clicking. His knees are hot. He wants to know why you haven't stacked the dishwasher properly.

Liminal Treats

An experience to pamper your senses - we’re paring immersive theatre with sweet treats.


Presentation is Everything

The antidote to every bland lecture, dull pitch and boring presentation you’ve ever had to endure.


Sal is a 55-year-old retired P.E. teacher who has an unhealthy obsession with her adult son, Brendan and a toxic best friend named Lynne.

Steve Sheehan

Welcome attitudes and proper behaviour with some will be done. Or not. Hopefully all. Eventually. Random jokes, anecdotes aplenty and music.

The Dreamland: Isthmus

Greed, brutality and lawlessness torment the city in an era of collapse. All are miserable until one night—a discovery! A parallel land made of dreams!



Dr. Brown returns to Adelaide after 11 years in Tibet. If you're not a fan of the SURREAL, the STUPID, and the RIDICULOUS, best to keep your distance.


The Red Light

Do you; love work, hate work, know work? Perhaps you do work, have seen others do work, are indifferent to work...?


Featuring Mum's Favourite, Funky C Funky Do, No Head, Feierabend and DJs