Experimental Jetset Trash

See cutting edge new bands Soria Moria, Concerned Home Owners Prospect, Duality and Toussaint - one night only at Arthur's


Summer Funk Storm

Come join 3 of Adelaide's funkiest bands: Veterans Silent Duck and Pimpin Horus, joined by newcomers Cliff Racer

$10 – $15

I Am Duckeye

With Long Hours (MELB), Brainer, Pigasus and Jack Solo


Who Even Approved This

With Home Court, Soria Moria, Moxie, Oliver's Midnight Bastards and Amamanitaaxaxaxanaxglassseer

Hey Hey It’s Doomday

Absurdist hell-comedy from one of Melbourne’s best alternative comedians Ross Purdy has to put on the show of his life when the country is taken over by a fascist dictator. If Ross fails to entertain our new leader he’ll be executed by the state. A “rambling surrealist satire” (Beat Magazine) that’s “like Lars Von Trier …

$15 – $22