Strange Chaos

In a small corner of this dark world a car arrives, carrying a clown and his equipment. Ghosts gather around the glow from the headlights, like moths inventing their own sun.

George Glass: Bradbury The Musical

The Musical that’s way overdue. In 2002, Steven Bradbury claimed Australia’s very first gold medal at the Winter Olympics. Coming last in the 1000m Speed Skate, his opponents fell over at the last corner allowing him to glide to victory.

3 Times I Saved A Life

I have always been in a one man gang. And I have always had ambitions to someday be the leader of that gang. This could be my year. You have seen other shows, they were OK. Now it's time to see my new show '3 Times I Saved A Life'. The greatest of all shows. …

Limbo Comedy

After a year and half of sell out shows, Limbo Comedy has become one of the most popular alternative comedy nights in Melbourne, and is about to blast onto the scene in Adelaide to showcase its unique brand of late night tomfoolery.

Tricks and Stuff

Intimate close up magic is an experience not to be missed! Acclaimed international magician Sam King takes a break from his normal stage and street shows to bring magic up close and personal.


Fiona O’Loughlin

Fiona O'Loughlin is UNAFRAID. There's no woman better at her game than Ms O.

Naked at my Age

A grandma’s surprising Sexual Renaissance, fraught with difficult choices, leads to risk, lust and healing in the Oldest Profession.

Late Night Party Boyz Do a Legally Mandated Kids Show

Damien Vosk and Ross Purdy, the Late Night Party Boyz, have messed up.....real bad. For their perceived crimes against art, a judge sentences them to age down their act and to Do A Legally Mandated Kids Show.

Mind How Y’Go

Dad's finished work. He's tired. His neck's clicking. His knees are hot. He wants to know why you haven't stacked the dishwasher properly.

Liminal Treats

An experience to pamper your senses - we’re paring immersive theatre with sweet treats.


Self Help Yourself with Bill Egan

Bill Egan: Comedian / Life coach + Motivational Guru will take you on an interactive journey through the world of self-help with tarot cards, past life regression hypnosis, guided meditation and other skills he learnt on the internet.


Presentation is Everything

The antidote to every bland lecture, dull pitch and boring presentation you’ve ever had to endure.

Stories from Kings Cross

Beautifully crafted songs supported by true stories and anecdotes at times hysterically funny telling the story of the fabric of the Cross in all its glory the good the bad and the bizarre.

Vanlife: The Theatre Show

When a ticket collector gives a parking fine to an old van, he never guesses it will set off a chaotic chain of events involving the most unusual woman he has ever met.

Hannah Camilleri – Lolly Bag

Hannah ventures to Adelaide Fringe for five nights only with her award-winning show. A chef’s choice of comedy designed to delight and inspire. Guests who request this menu trust the chef’s judgement and are willing to pay through the nose for it. Tonight is no exception as Hannah han-picks everything for the sketch-crazed.



Sal is a 55-year-old retired P.E. teacher who has an unhealthy obsession with her adult son, Brendan and a toxic best friend named Lynne.

Steve Sheehan

Welcome attitudes and proper behaviour with some will be done. Or not. Hopefully all. Eventually. Random jokes, anecdotes aplenty and music.

The Dreamland: Isthmus

Greed, brutality and lawlessness torment the city in an era of collapse. All are miserable until one night—a discovery! A parallel land made of dreams!



Dr. Brown returns to Adelaide after 11 years in Tibet. If you're not a fan of the SURREAL, the STUPID, and the RIDICULOUS, best to keep your distance.


George Glass: An Evening With Them

Your George Glass shall be filled right to the brim and yet not a drop spilled. Spend an evening with Adelaide's quirkiest funk-rock band as they launch their latest single "Horses for the People."

Punk Trilogy (Beginning, Middle & the End)

Presented by the film director and performance artist Saara Lamberg. This is not one show, but three. Each 60 minutes combine film, punk music, poetry, interactive art, improvisation and maybe other artforms.


The Red Light

Do you; love work, hate work, know work? Perhaps you do work, have seen others do work, are indifferent to work...?


Featuring Mum's Favourite, Funky C Funky Do, No Head, Feierabend and DJs